5 Important Questions for How We Move Forward With Work

5 Important Questions for How We Move Forward With Work

At our webinar last week, five key questions were asked in our breakout  groups around how we will re-engage our employees to execute on business strategy this year.  If you want the summary of the discussion of these questions by our breakout groups, please send me a message with your email, and I will be happy to pass it along.  The five questions we thought about were:

  • What will we look for differently in leaders as we move into the “proactive” path forward?
  • What hybrid working models do you see developing now that we have a choice?  What are the emerging challenges and advantages?
  • What are some of the things organizations will or should do to evolve or regain their corporate culture in 2021?
  • What beliefs or long held assumptions do we need to explicitly reset or change to adapt to our organization’s ‘new’ normal?
  • How will your approach to leader and employee wellbeing change in 2021?

One interesting thought about leadership moving forward was “We now manage the whole person.”  Certainly, in my mind, that has become much more apparent. Feel free to share any other questions your organization is contemplating or your responses to the breakout questions.  This is a year in transition.

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